If you haven’t done a photo challenge yet, here’s 30 different prompts you can use to help navigate you through a month long challenge. As you would expect, taking a photo everyday for over an extended period of time is a great way to give your photography skills a boost and jump start your creativity.

If you have done a daily photo challenge in the past, you already know the benefits and just how much fun they can be. Using the following prompts may be really helpful to get you started on another!

  1. Leading line

    Cypress Tree Avenue at KPH, Point Reyes

  2. Self Portrait

    Self Portrait

  3. Symmetry

    Double glazing

  4. Sunset


  5. The color red

    Red Ribbon

  6. Flowers

    Golden hour flower

  7. Your lunch


  8. Technology

    More Controls

  9. Transportation

    New R-188 Trains/li>

  10. Architecture

    architecture_230 2

  11. Pet(s)


  12. Blue hour

    Squan sunrise

  13. Music


  14. Minimalism


  15. Texture


  16. Black and white portrait

    Reasonable similarities

  17. Morning coffee

    tired (self [3])

  18. Books

    old book

  19. Movement/motion

    Motion blur

  20. Wildlife

    White Egret

  21. Forced perspective

    104/365: Eiffel crushing

  22. Athlete/sports


  23. Fashion

    Fashion Show Shoot

  24. Landscape

    Iceland Landscape

  25. Bokeh

    edison bulb bokeh

  26. Relfection

    [50/365]: Bryce eyes

  27. Water

    A glass of water

  28. Framing
    Sunset at Kalymnos

  29. Shadows


  30. Abstract

    Skytrain abstract 1

Some of the prompts may seem a little vague, but that’s a good thing. Forcing ourselves to come up with photo ideas is part of what makes a photo challenge so helpful. Conceptualizing each photo is the part that get’s our creativity running so I didn’t want to give you specific examples of what to shoot. Instead, shoot your own interpretation of each prompt and if you come across a prompt that doesn’t fit your style, feel free to swap it altogether. The important thing here is that you get out there and shoot everyday.

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