People as subjects make great for great photographs—this you already know! But taking unique portraits is a little more difficult. There are tons of people photos floating around out there which makes it difficult to come up with original photo ideas. As photographers, we want our photos to stand out from the pack. To be memorable. To make our audience’s jaws drop and give them something to admire.

With the 4 tips I’m going to share with you below, you’ll be able to do just that. Let’s not hesitate, let’s explore some different ways we can get creative with our people photography.

Bring In Some Props

FOREST HALO - Wreath for Flower Girl Romantic Fairy Head Band
Props are so much fun! In this article, you can see why and also get some ideas of different kinds of props you can use in your own photos. As you’ll discover, the possibilities are limitless. Just get creative with your props and make sure you’re only introducing elements that add to the composition and also makes sense to the scene you are trying to capture. Otherwise, things can start getting untidy, busy, and even a little confusing to your viewers.

Shape The Light

There’s a lot to be said for natural light. Personally, I’m a huge fan; however, working with studio lights such as strobes and speedlights are also a lot of fun. Not to mention they can bring your photos to a whole new level.

Learning how to use artificial light means you’ll have the ultimate control over your images. It will give you the power to fill in unwanted shadows, darken areas of your photo to create contrast, and create beautiful lighting patterns on your models among other things.

Let Your Photos Fib A Little

It’s no secret photographs are excellent ways to capture reality and show the truth of a situation. But photos don’t always need to be honest depictions of reality. Don’t be afraid to introduce composite photography and photo manipulation into your images every once in a while.

Composite photography isn’t as difficult as it seems. Good results can be achieved by taking multiple shots and layering them in Photoshop. While it will take a little practice to master, the learning curve is far from impossible—especially if you’re already handy in Photoshop.

Lastly, Choose Your Assistants Wisely

What’s better than an assistant who shares your creative vision and is equally excited to see it come to life? A clever assistant who isn’t afraid to pitch an idea or concept that will make your photo even better.
Two Photographers

Oftentimes, photography is a collaborative effort. This is a good thing since two heads are often better than one. That being said, make sure you’re collaborating with the right person! Choose someone you work well with and feel comfortable sharing ideas with. A part of collaboration is being able to tell the other person when they have a good idea, but also when they have a not so great idea—you need to be able to communicate with one another in a way that is productive, so keep open-mindedness in your thoughts when selecting your assistants.

The same can be said when you’re choosing your model, as well!

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