If you’re looking for a new challenge or aspect of photography to practice, how about getting up close and capturing the details with macro photography? High-quality macro photos can amazes viewers, whether the subject of the photo is a flower, an insect, or any other object. Here you will find 25 examples of amazing macro photos to give you some inspiration and ideas.

Photo by Vadim Gromov

Photo by Joe Wroten

Photo by Blair Connolly

Photo by Christian Bisbo Johnsen

Ultimate Photography Bundle

Photo by Carmen677

Photo by Paul Sprengers

Photo by Josch13

Photo by Josch13

Photo by Rosan Nepal

Photo by Francesca Cappa

Landscape Lightroom Presets

Photo by aotaro

Photo by Yann 07

Photo by Martin Cooper

Photo by Susanne Nilsson

Photo by enki22

Photo by Gabriel Gonzalez

Photo by Ramon Portellano

Photo by Andy B

Photo by Daniel Sjöström

Photo by Nicolas Winspeare

Photo by aotaro

Photo by Gabriel Gonzalez

Photo by Roy Niswanger

Photo by Daniela

Photo by Emmanuel Ménétrier

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