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The popularity of king crabs in China is actually quite high. Even the price of king crabs has risen because of the enthusiastic buying of Chinese people, but the price of king crabs is also quite expensive. But have you found such a phenomenon, that is, rich people eat king crabs. Why eat king crab only the legs and not the crab body? It is exquisite, poverty limits my imagination! Most of the crab bodies in many restaurants are actually used for decoration, and they are often empty inside. The reason is because the meat of the crab legs of the king crab is very rich, but there is no meat in the crab body..So,how to cook king crab atl on the gas grill?

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The crab roe of the king crab is also relatively small, and it is more troublesome to eat. For the rich, there is no need to eat the crab body, and the legs of the king crab are tender and tender, so they simply eat the legs. Therefore, in other crabs, there are more head-eating crab bodies. It is worthless in the king crab, but this is the cooking of the rich. For us who eat soil, if there is a king crab, it must be eaten cleanly. After all, it is all money. In fact, many things, even of the same type, will have different ways of eating..So,what goes good with king crab pictures?

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This is actually our fine tradition, you, for example, a chicken. People in many countries do not eat chicken feet, but in our country there will be various ways to eat them, whether it is marinated chicken feet or pickled pepper chicken feet, they all taste very good. In our opinion, as long as we can make delicious Yes, that is good food. In the eyes of foreigners, chicken feet are because they are on the ground. So it's very dirty, so I don't want to eat it. Chinese people really spare no effort in eating, so they can invent so many magical eating methods, so many cooking methods, and we finally make delicious food..So,who ships the best king crab recipes?

In fact, many people have begun to accept an ingredient again, but it is difficult for the rich to influence. After all, the meals prepared by top chefs must not taste bad, but for everyone, anyway, they can eat as much as they have. ..

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