Black Friday and Cyber Monday are obviously popular days for buying gifts for people on your holiday shopping list, but there are also plenty of opportunities to treat yourself to something special. A lot of Black Friday deals run for a week or longer, so many of the best deals are already available. This page showcases the best photography-related deals on things like Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, e-books, training, and more.

Featured Black Friday Deals for Photographers

While there are a lot of deals available at this time of year, here are our favorites.

Amazing Landscape Photography Bundle from InFocus

InFocus Landscape Photography Bundle

Deal includes: If you like landscape photography you will love this bundle of e-books and training courses from several different photographers that has been compiled by InFocus. Learn photography and post processing from masters like Ian Plant, Jay and Varina Patel, Colby Brown, Josh Cripps, Sean Bagshaw, and several others. Get access to hours of video training and several e-books at a savings of  87%.
Regular price: $400
Sale price: $49 (sale runs now through December 2, 2015)
Get the InFocus Landscape Photography Bundle!


300+ Lightroom Preset Bundle from Shutter Pulse

Shutter Pulse

Deal includes: All 300+ Lightroom presets from Shutter Pulse. Includes HDR, film, matte, vintage, cinema, haze, black & white presets, and more.
Regular price: $59
Sale price: $29 (sale runs now through December 4, 2015)
Get the Shutter Pulse Lightroom Presets Bundle!


300 Lightroom Preset Bundle from Preset Kingdom

Preset Kingdom

Deal includes: All 300 Lightroom presets from Preset Kingdom. This bundle provides a great variety that will help you to process all of your photos quickly.
Regular price: $99
Sale price: $29 (sale runs now through December 4, 2015)
Get the Lightroom Preset Bundle from Preset Kingdom!


Master Workflow Lightroom Presets from

Master Workflow

Deal includes: More than 300 presets to streamline your workflow. Master Workflow includes 60 one-click presets, an extensive collection of stackable presets, plus adjustment brush presets.
Regular price: $79
Sale price: $29 (sale runs now through December 4, 2015)
Get the Master Workflow Lightroom Presets!


Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets

Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets

Deal includes: More than 290 Lightroom presets specifically created for landscape photos (100 one-click presets plus stackable workflow presets).
Regular price: $97
Sale price: $39 (sale runs now through December 4, 2015)
Get the Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets!


HDR Hero Lightroom Presets

HDR Hero Lightroom Presets

Deal includes: More than 160 Lightroom presets for amazing HDR effects with any photo. There are 100 one-click presets for instant HDR effects (no need for bracketed exposures), plus stackable workflow presets to create your own effects.
Regular price: $77
Sale price: $29 (sale runs now through December 4, 2015)
Get the HDR Hero Lightroom Presets!

Other Awesome Deals for Photographers

You’re sure to love these great deals as well.

Lightroom Made Easy: Training Course by Phil Steele
Deal: Save 25% on one of the most complete online courses for learning Lightroom. You’ll quickly become a Lightroom master with this thorough instruction from Phil Steele.
Regular price: $79
Sale price: $59 (limited time offer)
Get access to Lightroom Made Easy!


Photocrati WordPress Theme for Photographers
Deal: Save 40% on the Photocrati theme and get your own awesome photography website in no time.
Regular price: $79
Sale price: $47 (sale runs Black Friday through Cyber Monday, November 27 – 30)
Get the Photocrati WordPress Theme!


Landscapes, Cityscapes & Photography Tricks E-Book
Deal: This in-depth e-book by Richard Schneider of can help to improve your your landscape and cityscape photography, as well as teach you some cool tricks.
Regular price: $99
Sale price: $39 (sale runs November 19 – December 4)
Get the Landscapes, Cityscapes & Trick Photography e-book!


33% Off All Courses from Brent Mail
Deal: Brent Mail offers many different courses including Essential Photography Skills, How to Photograph Kids Naturally, Amazing Sunset Photography, Long Exposure Landscape Photography, The Art of Travel Photography, and several others. With his Black Friday coupon code “bfbmp” you can save 33% on any of his courses.
Regular price: $24 and up
Sale price: 33% off (sale runs now through December 1)
Get Access to Training by Brent Mail!


Tutorials from Photography Concentrate
Deal: Choose from 12 different photography tutorials at Photography Concentrate and save 50%.
Regular price: $15.95 – $79.95
Sale price: 50% off
Get access to the training from Photography Concentrate!


33 Professional Photoshop Tutorials from
Deal: Learn how to transform your photos with the huge collection of detailed Photoshop tutorials.
Regular Price: $37
Sale price: $27
Get access to the tutorials from!

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