Proper set up of your lighting and your studio will have a big impact on the quality of your photos. Regardless of whether you have a professional studio or a DIY studio in your home, the setup is important. And if you are not familiar with or experienced in setting it up it can be a bit of a mystery. This post links out to 10 different resources that can help you to get your own studio set up effectively.

How to Set Up Basic Three-Point Studio Lighting

This tutorial and diagram are perfect for a simple, classic three-light studio setup.

How to Set Up Basic Three-Point Lighting

How to Set Up Five-Light Studio Set

Going a little bit further than the three-light set, this example shows how to properly use a five-light set for beautiful portraits.

5-Light Studio Setup

Creating the Ultimate Portable Photo Studio

This article covers the different products and techniques that you can use to have a minimalist studio approach that allows you to be more portable and still get great results.

Classic One-Light Setups

This cheat sheet shows how you can use one light in several different ways for different effects.

One-Light Setups

Studio Portraits – Getting Started with One Light

This article shows a simple way to get started with a basic one-light studio setup.

Ultimate Photography Bundle

One Light Setup

Simple Studio Lighting Setup

This setup is also pretty simple and is a good starting point, but it uses two lights instead of one.

Simple Studio Lighting

5 Different Looks with 1 Light

Here you will see how you can use a single light to get 5 different looks quite easily.

1 Light = 5 Looks

The Budget Garage Studio Setup

If you don’t have the space in your home for a studio setup this is a great option. The article shows how you can set up a simple, but effective, studio in your garage.

Budget Garage Studio Setup

Portrait Lighting Cheat Sheet

This portrait cheat sheet shows several different options for one and two-light studio setups.

Portrait Lighting Cheat Sheet

Master Your Home Photo Studio: Setup, Settings, Accessories Explained

This is a helpful article for getting your own studio set up properly. It covers the details of how to set things up and how to use flash sync.

Landscape Lightroom Presets

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